Ramboland Phase 1: Born with cerebral palsy, Ron Rambo of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has been using a wheelchair for most of his adult life. As a Section 8, low-income renter with mobility restriction, Ron's search for an adequate apartment left him with abysmal options of severely limited accessibility and independence. When his mother offered him the lot next to hers on which to build a suitable home, Ron reached out to green consultant / architect, Max Zahniser, the project facilitator, and within months, an all-star pro bono design team was assembled.


Rambo Residence is phase 1 of a larger exploration of regenerative design. This revolutionary project will include universal access accommodating any person with any disability, be energy and water "grid" independent (providing energy and water surpluses), include on-site food production, and provide neighborhood ecological restoration. Team Rambo is planning to break ground in October 2018. Phase 2 will be the expansion of regenerative net positive development to encompass the whole city block where Ron’s house is located. The project then becomes an exploration of how to reimagine and scale infrastructure services, and how neighborhoods and communities can develop resilient systems for mutual benefit.